05 April 2021

Golden Choice with TR PREMIER VinaRoll

One of the products in Top 20 Vietnam Golden Products of NTPM (Vietnam) Co., Ltd:

Toilet Roll PREMIER VinaRoll coreless 6-roll (3-ply)

is the high quality toilet roll product which is made of 100% virgin pulp with the properties of soft, smooth, tough, no bleaching chemicals, and being certified as well as licensed by inspection centers. 

Coreless roll means more tissue and more time of using compared with normal core roll. Quality coreless roll from PREMIER VinaRoll might fulfill all your using purposes especially for family. 

With the morden technology production flow and imported material from EU which is under strictly control in terms of quality. Toilet Roll PREMIER VinaRoll soft and safe for consusmer.

The products has been distributed nationalwide and on-shelf at all supermarket chains, shop.

Our products has been produced with standard ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015.


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