19 September 2023


NTPM (Vietnam) Co., Ltd upholds our values very strongly in which some of our values include ‘leadership, integrity, passion, customer focus, trust, and caring’. These values means that our company upholds business ethics very dearly. This policy reflects our commitment to ethical business practices.

We established this Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy (“ABC Policy” or “Policy”) to elucidate its expectations for internal and external parties working for and on behalf of the Company in upholding NTPM Vietnam Co., LTD Board of Directors’ (“Board”) zero-tolerance stance against bribery or corruption.

This Whistleblowing Policy on Whistleblower is designed to support the Group’s CoC and facilitates employees’ and other stakeholders’ concerns about possible improprieties and transparently spelt out procedures on managing disclosures of improper conduct without compromising the confidentiality of the person(s) involved.

Contact person: Mr. Lee Kuan Pheng - Director NTPM (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. 



Policy of Business Ethics


Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy (ABC Policy)


Whistleblowing Policy