Company Overview

NTPM (Vietnam) Co., Ltd is a 100% foreign invested company originally from Malaysia. NTPM is the biggest manufacturer and market leader for tissue paper in Malaysia. NTPM not only produces and sells tissue products but specialises in producing and selling personal care products such as diapers, wet wipes, sanitary napkins, and cotton products too.

In 2013, NTPM built a manufacturing plant located in Binh Duong and in 2014, the company began to sell semi-finished tissue products such as jumbo rolls and carrier tissues. In the year 2016 and up to date, all types of tissue products and tissue paper related products such as toilet rolls, kitchen towels, hand towels, softpacks, hankypacks, single pull tissues, etc. were manufactured and distributed all over Vietnam and for the internal markets.

In the year 2021, NTPM (Vietnam) Co., Ltd has also began to sell personal care products such as diapers and baby wipes.

What We Stand For


NTPM (Vietnam) Co., Ltd believes in protecting forests and the concepts of Reduce, reuse and recycle. The company has certifications with FSC, EcoLabels, ISO 14000 and also has some recycled tissue products.


We believe that all our operations must be sustainable by protecting the environment, having long term plans and providing jobs and opportunities to the local people.

Being a World-Class manufacturer and distributor

NTPM (Vietnam) Co., Ltd is confident in providing consumers with good quality and good value products

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